Bluetooth Smart Beacon Rev. A


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Bluetooth Smart Beacon Rev. A

Bluetooth Smart Beacon Rev. A

An electronic Beacon functions in basically the same way as a traditional fire beacon. Indeed it can be understood as a virtual navigation light that transmits information. A number of beacons are placed at different positions within an enclosed space, each of which emits its signal at fixed intervals. If a receiver, such as a smartphone, is within range of a transmitter, the transmitter can be identified and the distance determined based on its signal strength. If several beacons are within range of the smartphone, the position of the receiver within the space can be determined. Depending on the location, it is also possible to send targeted information, which can then be displayed on the smartphone.

The LinTech Smart Beacon has a range of around 30 metres, depending on the nature of the receiver and the surrounding conditions. It features low current consumption, which means that the battery will not require replacing for up to two years. It is possible to switch between different modes using an app. This enables the device to be used flexibly for various applications and provides a basis for independent individual or standardised solutions.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy V.4.0
  • Configurable advertising features
  • Range approx. 30m
  • Optical or acoustic signalisation of various statuses possible
  • Standard AAA battery or CR2477
  • Battery running time up to two years
  • Demo app for Android included in the package